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-Dr. Mehmet Oz, The Dr. Oz Show

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Ultrasonic Cavitation is a simple procedure that relies on sound waves to flush fat from the body instead of intensive surgery.


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Ultrasonic Cavitation: How It Works

Important Information

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Ultrasonic cavitation is a simple procedure that uses low-frequency sound waves to flush fat from the body instead of intensive surgery. The procedure integrates both visible and infra-red laser technology which boosts the cellular metabolism while simultaneously releasing glycerol and triglycerides form the adipose (FAT) cell.

How Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Work?

During an ultrasonic cavitation procedure, non-invasive machines target specific body areas with low-frequency sound waves (they're what put the "ultrasonic" in "ultrasonic cavitation"). This process heats and vibrates the layer of fat cells below the skin's surface. The pressure eventually causes the fat cells to liquefy and release their contents into the bloodstream.
The body is then able to process these fatty acids through its proverbial waste-disposal plant: the lymphatic system. The emulsified fat is then utilized by the body as energy.



How Many Sessions Are Need?

The number of Ultrasonic Cavitations treatments to get your desired outcome will vary, depending of amount of inches, time of body composition, body area, and type of fat (hard vs soft) you ultimately desire to lose. Typical treatment protocols may range from 8-24 sessions.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Results can vary from patient to patient depending on the number of sessions and area(s) targeted. You will experience a reduced circumference of the treated area due to the fat cells being released.